To be the leading local private-investment holding company in the industrial sector based on the key measurements of turnover, return on investment, people development and people empowerment.


To achieve sustainable and superior shareholder returns by offering entrepreneurial wisdom and sound operational know-how with quality products and services that create value for our customers whilst ensuring that we develop a strong social component of upliftment in the communities with which we interact.


The overriding objectives of the group are to invest in quality opportunities in the industrial sectors that are aligned to:


  • Energy (LPG, CNG, Electricity, LNG, NG, Renewables, Shale gas, Fuel and Coal Bed Methane)
  • Chemicals (Speciality, Commodity and Processing)
  • Industrial (Manufacturing and Processing)
  • Petroleum


The investment philosophy adopted is either one of the following:


  • A controlling equity share with key executives remaining;
  • A minority share if it is of strategic importance;
  • A partnership approach as a skilled BEE partner;
  • Developing new businesses where we have competencies; or
  • Leveraging off Black Industrialists Program Funding where applicable.


Reatile is a long-term investor with no prescribed exit strategy, investing in people to develop the strategy.


Reatile Group’s investments are structured within its 100% wholly owned subsidiaries being:

Reatile Energy (Pty) Limited

Reatile Energy’s vision is to be a leading player across the entire value chain in the Energy Sector


Reatile Energy is currently invested in traditional fossil fuels:

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Easigas)
  • Natural Gas (Egoli Gas, Reatile Gastrade and CNG Holding)


Reatile Energy’s ultimate goal is to be renowned in Sub-Saharan Africa for providing energy solutions in chosen sectors.

Reatile Chemicals (Pty) Limited

Reatile Chemical’s vision is to operate across the value chain in the petroleum industry.



Reatile Chemicals is currently invested in:

  • Storage (Vopak)